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The chief hesitantly accepts this proposal. The girl is terrified by this change of plans but finally gives in to the situation. Later in the year, she becomes pregnant and dreads the idea of having bear children. The plot thickens when the girl's brothers track their sister and, to avoid a fatal conflict between the two groups, she must flee with her husband into the caves in the snow covered mountains.

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While in hiding, she delivers twin offspring with human faces and bear bodies but falls in love with them at first sight. Her brothers have not given up their quest to find her. As they approach the cave, she has a choice to make - join her brothers or stay with her family.

Her husband makes the choice for her, resulting in his demise. She and her children may now go back to her village where she recognizes the error in her ways and ultimately teaches her people to revere and respect bears. A surprise conclusion achieves the goal of this legend - to teach the value of living in harmony with nature.

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I was anxious to delve into this book as I am a fan of Simply Read Books and have purchased several works for my school library. Upon first inspection, I marveled at the talent demonstrated in the watercolour illustrations of Bulgarian born Atanas Matsoureff.

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  • In this publication, he once again fully captures the beauty and serenity of native life in British Columbia in times past. His images align perfectly with the text while the blues, greens and browns add to the magical nature transformations of the legend.

    The Woman Who Married a Bear

    I hadn't previously read anything by the author Elizabeth James and had difficulty finding information about her other than she lives in Vancouver, loves the sea and is a translator. She has done an excellent job of retelling this native legend and embeds a variety of word pictures through the use of figurative language simile, metaphor, alliteration, onomatopoeia, etc.

    The Woman Who Married a Bear

    The main character has such a sharp tongue that the reader almost cheers when she gets her just rewards. As the story progresses, the reader's sympathy really goes to the young husband as he lives his life being the best he can be. It takes a jolt, but the main character does learn her lesson and continues to build an understanding as well as an appreciation for nature, family, and staying true to one's beliefs.

    When I used this book in the library as a read aloud, my primary students were spellbound and sat on the edge of their seats for the turning of each page. As I read the climax and then progressed to the two page wordless illustration of the mother and offspring's transformation, cheers exploded in the room. The students loved the supernatural aspect as well as the life lessons on appreciating the environment and the consequences for negative words and going with strangers.

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    • Several students commented on the growth in compassion of the main character. The older students loved the richness of vocabulary and figures of speech as we had just talked about similes, metaphors, onomatopoeia, alliteration, and they were enamored by how they could be blended together to make word pictures as well. Our grade 6 students were just beginning a unit on exploring native legends so The Woman Who Married a Bear fit in beautifully. John worked for thirty years as a criminal defense investigator in Sitka, and many of the characters that fill his books were inspired by his work.

      Now retired, he lives with his wife in a bright green house on the beach and writes in his weather-tight office overlooking Old Sitka Rocks. The former Writer Laureate of Alaska, he is the author of ten novels.

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      Flashes of the dark poetry of Ross Macdonald. A highly refreshing setting, a great cast of characters, and an intriguing plot. A winning combination. Satisfies on all levels.

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      Straley proves once again that he is up there with the great ones. His prose is as smooth as a well-tuned cello. He has tremendous feeling for the setting: not only the open waters and frosted countryside outside of Sitka and Juneau, but also the somewhat seedy streets of these cities. John Straley's novels are like no others. Create new account Request new password.