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Authoritative and accessible, "Financial Intelligence for Entrepreneurs" empowers you to "talk numbers" confidently with colleagues, partners, and employees--and fully understand how to use financial data to make better decisions for your business. Financial statements, Financial accounting, Financial management, Entrepreneurial management, Entrepreneurs, Cash flow statements, Financial performance measurement. Skip to Main Content. Teaching Note.

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Have a rest Consumer game Request review Is your opinion valuable? The Talisman Stephen King Peter Straub The Talisman is a fantasy about A 12 year old kid you has to travel to a far away land in a parallel world to find The Talisman in order to save his dying mother and ensure his evil uncle Morgan doesn't get there first. In this book the Nearly 20 years later, the story picks up like it never left off with Jack Sawyer now a retired homicide detective in his 30's living in a small Wisconsin town called French Landing. Maxwell Developing the Leaders Around you is a very good book and guide for managers and supervisors.

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The book is all about helping others reach their full potential. The book was written by a renowned leadership author John C.

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  • Maxwell and published by Castle Edition. It is important for me This book is written by Francisco J. Colayco, a financial advisor, Ph. D, and an entrepreneur. This teaches you financial literacy in a simple, basic, no-nonsense discussion. It is Ellis The book's content was useful in giving the reader a basic understanding of who were the movers and shakers at the beginning of our countries inception.

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    It is not, by no means a definitive study of the times but does provide a framework for future exploration. A good easy It teaches you that in order to make your money work for you, just pure saving isn't enough. You need more work than that.

    The reason it is not as good is because this guide is missing some details regarding a few of the hidden paths and the locations of the An Investors Guide To How The Stock Market Really Works Fascinating, absolutely fascinating - I don't care how old the book is, it is simply one huge must have for anyone who is seeking more information on tactics to help them make the best investment choices for themselves.

    Covering matters such as what you need to know before you invest The book was written by two professional business plan writers, so when you follow through each chapter they are guiding you with their expertise to give you a winning business Advanced Chakra Healing Advanced Chakra Healing by Cynthia Dale is an excellent training guide for understanding the principles and practice of energetic healing.

    She has systematized her unique way which is clearly of a highly intuitive method into a step by step method. This is a book aimed for more It includes black and white illustrations by Tim Archbold. It is published in the UK by Young Corgi, and was first published in The book is a 95 page long paperback, but has large text, so it