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When Nathan receives reports that serious accidents and even a death have been caused by Thane flouting safety laws, he decides to investigate. An accident investigation soon becomes a murder enquiry.

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And as the Star Cops hunt for the killer, the station becomes a death trap threatening everyone on board. She believes his claim that he was framed, and when she learns of his subsequent suicide she and Devis travel to Australia to investigate.

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On Moonbase, Nathan is expecting an official visit from a powerful dignitary. The Star Cops are under intense pressure in the face of continuing Mother Earth attacks.

The Cult of The Tripods

The very existence of the International Space Police Force is in jeopardy. Kenzy and Priya are responding to a murderous Mother Earth explosion at a moon outpost when one of the workers, Mary Ward, takes a hostage and makes demands, accusing others of trying to kill her.

She appears to have snapped under pressure. As the crisis develops, dangerous secrets are revealed. Secrets that some will be prepared to kill for. And die for.

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Ebay has had several items for sale. A good place to look if you're still interested is the Starburst interview with Lynda Woodfield, the costume designer, in issue Oct 87 or without the pictures on the Star Cops DVD. Models I asked Mike Kelt, the visual effects designer, what had happend to all the models.

He replied "I don't know really, I certainly don't have any of them. They tend to get picked up so that if there was another series they would have them. They would all have been crated up and put into a visual effects store at this time.

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I've got a feeling the moon buggy was put on show in the foyer but I don't know what would have happened to them. Thirty-one years on, Big Finish have crafted a new run of stories , across two box sets, to form a second series. Script Editor Andrew Smith reintroduces the show with a story which brings together the new team.

As Nathan lobbies for new officers, a former colleague reaches out to him; Chief Superintendent Brian Lincoln has lost track of an officer, Paul Bailey, whose undercover work has taken on a lunar dimension. Meanwhile, Devis is despatched to the Rakesh Sharma, an Indian space station where part-time Star Cop Priya Basu has caused uproar as she investigates a near-fatal space suit failure.

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Ian Potter writes the second story, focusing on a murder which takes place at the site of the Moon landing. As well as a clever murder mystery, there is a lot of fun had with the idea of preserving the site of Tranquillity base, National Trust style and constructing a themed venue around it.

Writer Christopher Hatherall brings Nathan and Priya back to Earth for a conference, with Nathan at his grumpy best dealing with the political aspects of his job in addition to the threat from corporate security interests.

However, when Priya recognises a face, and the high-tech venue comes under threat from Mother Earth, Nathan is forced to take control.