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The variations are endless, and the dish is often the result of improvisation, but a staple at seafood restaurants across the country is the simple but delicious khao phat puu , rice fried with hearty chunks of crab and egg. Try making your own Thai fried rice.

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Do you agree with our selection or have we missed your favourite? Share your must-try dishes below…. Dinner ideas Chicken one-pots Dinner for two Healthy dinner Quick family meals see more Dishes Pasta Soup Pie Casserole see more Everyday Freezable Batch cooking Cheap eats Leftovers see more Ingredients Fish Fruit Meat Vegetables see more Occasions Sunday lunch Dinner party Afternoon tea Easy entertaining see more Seasonal Spring Summer Autumn Winter see more Vegetarian Iron-rich Vegan Vegetarian barbecue Vegetarian party see more More recipe ideas Cheap eats Courses Slow cooker Cheap cut see more Christmas biscuits Christmas gifts Festive desserts Vegetarian Christmas see more Home Recipes Not sure what to cook?

Inspire me. Phat kaphrao This street food staple combines meat flash-fried with holy basil the eponymous kaphrao and a generous helping of fresh chilli and garlic. One of the fundamental ingredients in a good som tam green papaya salad is salty dried shrimp goong haeng. Not only do the little guys provide extra flavor, but also extra saltiness and a little bit of a chewy texture. However the mild is probably milder in America. There are lots of things you may not know about eating Thai food until living and eating in Thailand.

Along with learning Thai food etiquitte, there are a number of unwritten Thai eating rules. This combination would be unheard of in Thailand. Green curry gaeng keow wan is eaten with steamed white rice. Som tam green papaya salad and other Isaan food dishes are often enjoyed with sticky rice. This is just the surface. There are many many more differences between Thailand Thai food and American Thai food.

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I love this article. I always have an adjustment period when in come home from Thailand. Instead of my typical comparison, I will remind myself that this is ia different cuisine and learn to appreciate it for what it is!

I feel like Americans would love real authentic thai food.

Thai cuisine - Wikipedia

Americans love hot spicy foods more and more these days. I feel like thai ingredients might be difficult to come by at prices restaurants can make money on while having enough supply available. Its easier to use local produce and cheaper. To be honest, the only change needed for thai food is the heat level based on each persons preference but the flavor and herbs should be loved by the majority of Americans. I just dont understand why thai restaurants in orlando, fl dont make authentic thai food.

Honestly, I am a white american who went out of the country for the first time. I traveled to singapore , malaysia and thailand for a month. While each country had good food, thai food was amazing and the clear winner for me. There were so many flavors and such an abundance of flavor I can not put into words how much I now love thai food. Thai food is balanced which is a word you hear a lot in regards to thai food. It means that no one flavor was stronger then the other you could taste each individual flavor in each bite without there being any single dominating flavor.

The 21 Best Dishes To Eat in Thailand

I have tried 7 Thai restaurants and they all were disappointing. They use typical american veggies and lack strong flavor. I am still trying to learn balance in my cooking so I was hoping to go to some thai restaurants to help me remember the flavor I am looking for but they were all a disappointment. When i go back to Thailand I will take some cooking classes.

I have a lot to learn. This food is simple with ingredients, tough in making the balance. More practice is my own advice, but a great food with great background. Why would you not mention the prevalence of green pepper in American Thai food, which Thailand cooks do not use? Why would you not mention the use of any old noodle in American Thai food, whereas in Thailand noodles are specific to a dish. Mee ga Ti spelled who knows how is a prime example.

I find your article to be as bland and pointless as most American Thai food. Also dear Mai Pen Rai, why dont you write your own blog. We can all learn from each other.

Peace be to you all. Whole its not normal to have spring rolls with food as default in Thailand you can buy them everywhere especially tourist areas and they are delicious especially with the right chili sauce. Never had American Thai but most Thai food outside of Thailand I would agree it lacks the proper flavour balance especially sour. A big one I find is pad Thai which is often bland noodles whereas authentic pad Thai has the distinct tamarind taste and then you customise the rest yourself. Meat is also prevalent especially at street stalls and plenty of fried chicken on the Issan region.

Thai restaurants in America are the McDonalds of Thailand. Overpriced chewy non-swallowable old meat, old vegetables, super-cheap disgusting sauces and herbs…and super slow service for apparantly no reason at all. Nice Article.

11 Thai Dishes You Must Try!

Thank You. Enjoy this blog. I also ate Thai food when in Mexico and in Paris. Cannot wait to go to Thailand one day and experience Thai food in its most authentic environment. All countries and cultures can benefit from having food diversity so that people can experience new and unique dishes. Personally I love Vegetarian and Organic. It comes with wide noodles, meat of choice and lots of it, broccoli and carrots.

The Broccoli is Chinese broccoli with the stems removed.

Thailand's Most Popular Regional Cuisine

Thank you so much for sharing this blog. I agree with all the said differences between thailand thai food and american thai food. And I love the dishes mixed with a little meat. And If they are made in Thailand style than they would become very delicious.

Again, Thanks and have a good day! As a Thai born person and authentic mom cooking Thai food with restaurant in the us. Yes the answer is that if we cook it the authentic way , customer will not come. The majority are used to the Americanized Thai food. When we first opened we dish a lot of authentic Thai dish and also did well known Thai food the authentic way.

Not sure what to cook?

We got Thai customer. But in a mostly white and Mormon state. That was not enough to survive. They wanted cheap and large portion , extra sauce to feed their large family. And THAT is why authentic and ethnic Thai food will not survive unless located in places like Thai town California where they can cater to authentic taste buds. If I ever get a chance in this so called life to actually do any real traveling. Thank you for your insightful article.

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  4. When I was a kid, would travel to Thailand for vacations. Always so sweet, no balance and rarely any sour component. I just cook it at home now.