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Four steps to a stable n-type organic semiconductor Four steps to a stable n-type organic semiconductor 16 September David Bradley.

ISBN 13: 9780412495908

Electric pulse encourages ice to slide right off A novel de-icing technique uses an electric pulse to melt the ice where the surface and the ice meet, so the ice can simply slide off. Scientists find practical way to measure conductivity of carbon nanotubes Scientists have developed a practical method for measuring the conductivity of a single carbon nanotube, by splitting it into two halves.

Electron pairs resist breaking up in copper oxide superconductors Physicists have discovered that electrons continue to travels in pairs in copper oxide superconductors even above their critical temperature. Water-in-water printing produces synthetic cellular compartments Using polymer aqueous solutions with different electrical charges, scientists have developed a novel 3D printing water-in-water technique.

Nanotubes, gel and linen produce first thread-based transistor Engineers have developed a transistor made from linen thread, by coating the thread in carbon nanotubes and immersing it in an electrolyte gel. New technique for analyzing cuprate superconductors earns its stripes Researchers have shed light on how cuprates can simultaneously exhibit superconductivity and charge order in patterns of alternating stripes.

Lecture 39: Electrical and magnetic properties

Easy to wear multifunctional device offers many applications Electronic robotic skin device sends information back to the user 4 September Laurie Donaldson. New 2D semiconductor has distinct split personality Researchers have created 2D flakes made up of domains of molybdenum diselenide and rhenium diselenide with a sharp divide between them.

Electrical Properties of Two-Dimensional Materials Used in Gas Sensors

Non-stick coating offers efficient way to pattern metals By taking advantage of highly fluorinated organic compounds, chemists have developed a cheap and sustainable method for patterning metals. Ultra-thin gold only a couple of atoms thick Gold nano sheets for flexible electronic applications 3 September Laurie Donaldson.

Search Websites Staff search Search. About us We are interested in the investigation of the electronic properties of novel materials and condensed matter quantum systems. Recent News. How do atoms vibrate in graphene nanostructures?

From Japanese basket weaving art to nanotechnology with ion beams. Editors' Suggestion in PRB.

Plasmonic and opto-electronic properties of materials

Recent Highlights Showing entries 0 - 5 out of 5. Showing entries 0 - 5 out of 5. A property may be a constant or may be a function of one or more independent variables , such as temperature. Materials properties often vary to some degree according to the direction in the material in which they are measured, a condition referred to as anisotropy. Materials properties that relate to different physical phenomena often behave linearly or approximately so in a given operating range [ further explanation needed ].

Modeling them as linear can significantly simplify the differential constitutive equations that the property describes.

Some materials are used in relevant equations to predict the attributes of a system a priori.