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This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. E pizootic bovine abortion Chlamydophila abortion caused by Chlamydophila abortus Former name Chlamydia abortus Andrews ; Da Silva et al. Chlamydophila abortion has been a major economic loss for domesticated ruminants worldwide Andrews , Banda et al.

Depending on the previous studies , the main causes of bovine abortion in cattle in Ninavah province including brucellosis Al-Farwachi et al. Chlamydophila abortion is frequently asymptomatic but can lead to abortion , placentitis , stillbirth and subclinical mastitis Banda et al. Pneumonia and weight loss was recorded in calves Julia et al.

Serodiagnosis of chlamydophilosis is more frequently used because isolation of Chlamydophila spp is difficult and time consuming He et al. Prevalence of anti C. The aim of the present study was to estimate the seroprevalence of epizootic bovine abortion in randomly selected cattle herds in Ninavah province. Mosul is capital of the Ninevah Province, some km mi northwest of Baghdad Figure 1. The sera were randomly collected from animals as from aborted cows mostly within weeks post abortion , from pregnant cows at late stage of pregnancy ,and 68 samples from calves aged one month old.

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All sera stored at 0 C until serological examination. Bovine Medicine provides practical and comprehensive information on cattle disease and production and is a key reference for all large animal vets. Since the first edition was published in there have been significant improvements in disease control and management of cattle. Almost all parts of the book have been updated and completely rewritten. There are new chapters on surgery, embryo transfer, artificial insemination, ethno-veterinary medicine and biosecurity, and a new consolidating chapter on the interaction between the animal, environment, management and disease.

Table of contents List of Colour Plates. List of Contributors. Preface to the First Edition.

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Calf Rearing. Suckler Herds. Beef Finishing Systems. Dairy Farming. Heifer Rearing - 12 Weeks to Calving. Tropical Cattle Management. Ethnoveterinary Medicine in the Tropics. Heat Stress in Dairy Cattle. Alternative Forages. Congenital Conditions. Calf Diarrhoea.

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Digestive Disorders of Calves. Calf Respiratory Disease.

Other Calf Problems Growing Cattle Respiratory Diseases. Summer Mastitis.

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